Fernando Alonso begins to clear his future and rules out a strong candidate: “He is not attractive…”

Fernando Alonso has achieved a 6th position in the Japanese GP that tastes like gold for the Aston Martin team. His performance was so brilliant that not only the Asturian includes this race among the best of his career. but the rún rún about his future once again gained strength.

And it is that Both Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz have become the protagonists of the transfer market. The confirmation that Lewis Hamilton, seven-time world champion, will leave Mercedes at the end of next season to wear red with Ferrari in 2025, and the crisis at Red Bull, have unleashed endless speculation and potential moves that could significantly alter the driver lineup in the near future. This change not only means the departure of Carlos Sainz from Ferrari, but also opens up a range of possibilities in what promises to be a particularly hectic transfer season. Mercedes' search for a driver who can fill the void left by Hamilton and return the German team to its golden era of dominance between 2014 and 2021, Until now, Fernando Alonso was in the spotlight as a main candidate to accompany George Russell.

We are at the gates of the silly season – the most exciting transfer season in the driver market – in recent years. The events that have occurred at Ferrari and Red Bull threaten to blow up all the pieces on the grid. Much has been rumored in recent weeks about the future of Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz and even Max Verstappen. The f-1 was in charge of launching its own prediction for 2025 that places Fernando Alonso in the German team while Sainz would occupy the Asturian's seat in Aston Martin. A bet that was ruined by Antonio Lobato, television narrator of the Formula 1 GPs and one of the most authoritative voices when it comes to Spanish drivers. For the communicator, the Asturian would continue at Aston Martin in 2025 and Carlos Sainz would go to Sauber.

As if this were not enough, in the run-up to the Japanese GP, F1 Insider announced a bombshell that would completely change the grid. According to this specialized media, the head of the Red Bull team, Christian Horner, wants to sign Fernando Alonso for 2025 and they have been able to confirm contacts between both parties. The Spaniard is the preferred candidate of the current “sole ruler” Christian Horner, who has the unconditional support of the Thai majority shareholders and according to the aforementioned media, the talks are already very advanced.

Stick to Mercedes

And in the midst of so many speculations, it has been Fernando Alonso himself who has been in charge of revealing -although only in part- his future plans, ruling out one of the strongest candidates to take over his services. After the Japanese GP, the Asturian was asked again about his future plans and specifically the option of replacing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. and his response to Sky Sports F1 was quite forceful: “Mercedes? They don't seem like an attractive option, they are behind us,” he stated bluntly.

A statement supported by the data. Alonso, if it weren't for his suspension in Australia, would have more points than George Russell after the first four grands prix. He is now tied at 24 with the Briton and has a big advantage over Hamilton, who has had his worst season opener in F1 since 2007, with only eight points to his name.

With this statement, Alonso not only ruins the pools and the Formula 1 prediction itself, but also raises the spirits of Aston Martín, who is willing to do the rest to guarantee the continuity of the Asturian driver.