Aemet warns of a drop in temperatures, rain and storms

After a weekend of heat, haze and mud rain, the week starts with precipitation, especially in the northern half of the peninsula, and with decreasing temperatures, according to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

A new front will sweep a large part of Spain this Monday leaving in its wake rains and showers that could be locally stormy again. The heaviest rainfall will be in Pyrenees, Cantabrian Sea and Galiciawhere they could become persistent in its western half, and with the probability of also affecting the rest of the regions in the last few hours.

In addition, it will snow in the mountains of the extreme north, with a level above 2000 meters dropping to 1400/1800 meters in the Pyrenees and 900/1200 meters in the rest, with possible significant accumulations in the Cantabrian.

With regards to the thermometersthe maximum temperatures will increase in a good part of the northeastern third of the peninsula, the coasts of Valencia and the Canary Islands, declining sharply in the rest. The minimums will not experience major changes in the Canary Islands and Levante, decreasing in the rest, notably in large inland areas of the northern half of the peninsula. Light frosts are expected in northern mountains.

The haze will continue in the Balearic Islands and the east of the peninsula and there will be intervals of wind with very strong gusts in Galicia, the Pyrenees and the coasts of Alborán and the Canary Islands.

The Aemet warns of a new thermal drop on Tuesday when fresh winds will arrive from the northwest and the gale in the Ebro Valley and the Tramuntana in the north of Catalonia will be felt intensely. In mountain areas and areas of the northern plateau there could be frost.

On the other hand, during that day the rains will not be very abundant and will be restricted to the northern third, especially the Eastern Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees, although it is not ruled out that other mountain areas will have some weak rainfall.

Maximum and minimum temperatures will rise significantly starting Wednesday throughout the country, including the Canary Islands. According to Meteorology, this could lead to this week having a second half with very high temperatures for the time of year.

If the forecasts hold true, maximum daytime temperatures They would exceed 25ºC in a good part of the territory starting on Thursday and that large areas of the southern half of the peninsula and the Canary Islands could be around 30 to 32ºC.