Breaking political news today, live: Sánchez's attacks on the CGPJ, the amnesty law, Alvise and the crisis in Sumar

The “no” resignation of Yolanda Díaz continues to give something to talk about. Yesterday, the sensation in the parliamentary group of Add It was that of bewilderment at what they had experienced between Monday and Tuesday. And the fact is that the Minister of Labor also announced that she was leaving her organic positions within Sumar last Monday at noon and, a day later, she amended herself and retracted her statement (in the third person): “Yolanda Díaz is not leaving, she is leaving.” is left over”.

In front, the head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, who took advantage of his interview on TVE to attack media outlets not aligned with the Government and against the Community of Madrid, chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Because the mud, in his opinion, “has its headquarters in Madrid.” Ultimatum also to the PP on account of the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and a new objective: to directly link Alberto Núñez Feijóo's party with the far-right of Vox and the newcomer to politics, Alvise Perez.

Breaking news on political news, Sánchez's attacks on the CGPJ, the amnesty law, Alvise Pérez and the crisis in Sumar, live