Be careful not to leave your dog in the car, it could put his life in danger! The Civil Guard warns

As the weeks have passed, the weather has been changing radically in the Iberian Peninsula. We have gone from average temperatures and rainfall to a more constant and dry heatwith maxims that exceed the 20ºC in many parts of Spanish territory.

This increase in temperatures not only affects people, but also may pose risks to pets that they are in charge of. It is essential to be more attentive, especially during heat wavesthat our animals have good ventilation, refrigeration and are correctly hydrated.

Professional advice

The civil Guard has shared a publication through social networks in which he warns of the dangers that can entail leaving a animal locked in the carwaiting while the owner performs other tasks or chores outside the vehicle.

In her official profile on platform “Temperatures are getting higher and higher, and the temperature inside your vehicle can increase by up to 20ºC in just half an hour”.

For them, he issued a crucial warning, in which he warned: “Never leave your pet locked in the car! Their life may depend on it”. Next, they shared a video of a rescue carried out by some agents, in which they had to break the window of a vehicle to rescue a dog to get it out. As soon as you get out of the car, you can see the dog in a clear state of suffocation.

How to detect heat stroke in pets?

The symptoms are very similar to those that can occur in people, according to National Geographic: pantingdifficulty breathing, salivation excessive, etc. In more extreme cases, it can even reach disorientationweakness, difficulty in movement, and even vomitingdiarrhea, seizures and fainting.

To prevent these discomforts we must ensure that our animals always have fresh water and a shelter in the shadein addition to, of course, avoiding letting them locked up in cars since, even with the windows partially open, the temperature rises quickly.