A girl discovers the remains that confirm a new species of giant marine reptile

In May 2020 while searching for fossils on a beach in Devon, southwest England, A father and an 11-year-old daughter found remains of a 2-meter jaw that turned out to be similar to others found in 2016 and belong to a new type of marine reptile, the largest known so far.

Eight years of work by researchers from the University of Bristol and of the University of Manchester have ended with the description a species unknown until now, which they have named giant ichthyosaur ('Ichthyotitan severnensis')what does it mean “giant fish lizard” due to its size of more than 25 meters.

a giant dolphin

The discovery, collected this Wednesday in the Plos One magazinetalks about a species similar in appearance to today's dolphins, but in a giant version -twice the size of a normal city bus- that lived in the Upper Triassic, in a time known as the Rhaetian.

Analysis of the internal structures of the bones of the last jaw found has confirmed that they belong to an ichthyosaur and revealed that the animal was still growing at the time of its death.