You can now buy the Humane Ai Pin, called to be the replacement for the mobile phone

At the end of last year, the arrival of the Humane Ai Pin was announced, a device that was launched on the market with the aim of beingthe successor to mobile phones. Designed by former Apple executives, it is a device that projects images on the palm of the hand and allows us to communicate through it.

Today, after months of anticipation, its founders Bethany Bongiorno (Apple's director of engineering and software) and Imran Chaudhri (Apple's design director) announced the availability of the Ai Pin. This has been possible thanks to the money they have put big companies in the startup: Microsoft, OpenAI and Volvo, among others. Ai Pin is the first in what Humane hopes will be a long line of devices aimed at harnessing the power and popularity of generative AI platforms like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini.Humane's vision for the €699 device is one in which a new technology can break free from the limitations of its predecessors. Specifically, this means a voice-based, always-connected device that can help users look up from their phone screens from time to time. The Pin itself is a device that magnetically attaches to clothing, It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and uses a camera, depth and motion sensors to track and record its surroundings. It has a built-in speaker and can be connected to Bluetooth headphones.

Some of the Ai Pin color optionshumanehumane

Since there is no screen, Humane has come up with new ways to interact with the Pin. It is mainly intended to be a voice-based device, but also incorporates a laser projector which can send information in the form of images. We can also bring objects closer to the camera and interact with it using gestures, since it has a touch panel. To all this, it adds a light that informs us if the information it records is being recorded. The different color options (black and white in different finishes) start at €799 and there are various accessories available, ranging from €29 to €49, while the mandatory subscription service will cost €24 per month, but Humane offers three months free with the purchase of a pin.