Are we being spatially observed?

Are there really intelligent human-level aliens, extraterrestrials? And do what are commonly called UFOs work?

In this regard, a NASA commission, after years of studying thousands of cases, stated in September 2023: “The conclusion is that there are no conclusions.” A team of experts appointed by that splendid US agency for space, analyzed the issue of UFOs as “unidentified anomalous phenomena (FANI)”, to finally present in Washington DC in 2024 a voluminous study with the following content: ” There are no extraordinary revelations. Despite the numerous testimonies and images, the truth is that we currently do not have the data necessary to reach definitive scientific conclusions, and no evidence of extraterrestrial origin has been found.

“There is a global fascination with these aerial phenomena,” acknowledged NASA administrator Bill Nelson, at the aforementioned report presentation event, before about thirty journalists: one of the first questions asked about these sightings is that Part of that fascination is due to its still unknown nature.

Following one of the recommendations of the aforementioned report, NASA decided to appoint an ad hoc research director, who will develop and supervise all new cases that become known. So NASA will work on the issue in coordination with other agencies of the US Government and other countries, and will use the most advanced AI tools. In addition to their scientific interest, such anomalous phenomena are important for national and air security…

According to latest news, the new director of UFO and FANI research has already been appointed. It is Mark McInerney, who for many years was NASA's liaison with the US Department of Defense. Now, we expect a policy of more transparency to know if we are being observed by the much-discussed aliens, which, if applicable, is for good.