The new scam on WhatsApp that the National Police warns about

Cybercriminals have the advantage of using imagination more than the law and that gives them a lot of resources and time. The authorities, on the other hand, must respond to each new threat in the shortest possible time, starting from scratch and ignoring a virus or mechanism that perhaps took months for the attackers to develop. The Prevention and information is essential in this context and the National Police has published a video on social networks warning of a new scam on WhatsApp.

Cybercriminals contact us through WhatsApp posing as the company's technical service messaging and they ask us for permission to share the screen. From that moment on, they begin to take over our mobile phone and its data, since what we have accepted is to let them enter the system.

Everything there is in the mobile phone, from that moment on, is accessible. We must remember that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook, Twitter… and all the etc. social networks will contact us through a phone call. Nor will banks ask us for passwords or our documents. Finally, if we think they have tried to scam us, the police urge us to report it.