Permanent disability: this is the procedure you must do if you do not want to lose the benefit

Social Security has started an information campaign – via SMS – to inform citizens affected by a temporary disability that they must request direct payment to the National Social Security Institute (INSS) after the issuance of the medical discharge with a proposal for permanent disability to continue collecting the pension.

The permanent disability pension “is a economic benefit that attempts to cover the loss of income suffered by a worker when due to illness or accident their working capacity is reduced or cancelled”, as explained by Social Security.

Once the duration period of 365 days has been exhausted, The INSS medical inspection “will be the only one competent to issue the medical discharge for cure, for improvement that allows return to work, for unjustified failure to appear at medical examinations called by said managing entity or with a proposal for permanent disability,” according to the Social Security magazine.

Citizens who need to request direct payment of this pension, They will receive an SMS reminding them that they need to carry out this procedure to continue receiving the benefit until their permanent disability is resolved.

The message It will be sent whether there is a single employment relationship or in those cases in which there is multiple employment, as long as any of the existing employment relationships have contingencies covered by the INSS. If the employment situation is covered by a mutual insurance company, this message will not be sent.

“Hello. The National Social Security Institute is studying your right to Permanent Disability. Until it is resolved whether you have the right, you can continue to collect Temporary Disability, request it here”, this is the content of the message if the worker only has one employment situation and is up with the INSS. Instead, In the event that you have several employment relationships and some are with the INSS and others with the mutual insurance company, the following message will be sent: “Hello. The National Social Security Institute is studying your right to Permanent Disability. You have jobs that are covered by the INSS and others by mutual insurance companies. To collect Temporary Disability covered by the INSS, request it here.”