An airline loses its girlfriend’s suitcase and creates a website that tells you how many each company loses

Having your luggage lost by an airline is always a frustrating experience that is sometimes resolved quickly, but other times it can be a real problem. This is what happened to the girlfriend of the Dutch entrepreneur and programmer Pieter Levels Last June in Spain, with the airline Vueling. While traveling between Lisbon and Barcelona, ​​the company lost her luggage and, despite having it constantly located with an Airtag, More than a week later the couple still hadn’t managed to get it back. So Levels had the idea of ​​creating

Luggage Losers is a website that ranks the world’s top airlines by the amount of luggage they lose and is constantly updated. The site does not use data provided by companies, but rather collects it from complaints and user experiences posted on the Internet.

‘My crawling robots They scour the internet 24/7 looking for people to talk about their lost luggage and the airlines they flew with, in more than 100 different languages. By cross-referencing this information with actual data on lost luggage, They estimate with great precision how much luggage is constantly lost.. And yes, they take into account airline size differences by flight and fleet size. All major airlines are tracked 24/7,’ the programmer explains on the website.

What Luggage Losers shows, therefore, is an estimate of what is happening at any given moment with the airlines and their users’ luggage. The purpose of Levels is to provide a tool that helps them to choose the companies with the best results transporting your belongings.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest number of lost luggage when flying

At the time of writing this article, the airlines that lose the most bags in the world are Air India, WestJet Airlines and Aer Lingus. The least, Scoot, All Japan Airways and Alaska Airlines.

Among the 10 airlines that lose the most luggage are two Spanish companies. Iberiain fifth place with 19,597 lost suitcases in the last 30 days and a 1 in 64 chance of this happening to you if you use it, 1.57%. Vueling It is in eighth position with 16,288 lost luggage in the last month and a probability of 1 in 108, 0.93%. Air Europe It appears in position 31 with 2,344 lost suitcases in the last month and a 1 in 301 chance of this happening to you, 0.33%.

There is more information provided by Luggage Losers. By region, Africa and Europe are the worst when it comes to managing luggage with a percentage of 0.44% in both cases, while in middle East falls to 0.19%, in Asia at 0.14% and Oceania appears as the best with 0.13%.

By country, India tops the list with a 1.34% chance of losing luggage. It is followed by Ireland with 1.11% and in third place is Spain with 0.93%. At the other end of the table is Japanwith only a 0.03% chance of losing it.