AEMET warns of new Atlantic fronts that will bring rain and storms to these areas of Spain

The weather in Spain during the second week of June will be marked by the passage of several Atlantic fronts that will leave rain and storms in some areas of the country. These fronts will also contribute to lower temperatures over the next few days.

José Luis Camacho, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET)explains that the Azores anticyclone continues to favour a path for weak Atlantic disturbances that affect the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and reinforce the trade winds in the Canary Islands.

The interaction between the Atlantic and Mediterranean winds favors convection and possible storm situations andIn the eastern half of the Peninsula, temporarily preventing the entry of African air and maintaining normal temperatures for the season, with cool weather in the north and warm in the rest.

Already during this Monday, the approach of a Cold front on the Galician coast will bring precipitation from the afternoon, being more intense in the northwest of Galicia. In addition, there will be cloudiness in the interior of the eastern third and in communities such as Aragon, Murcia, Catalonia and Valencia, with possible occasional showers or storms, more intense in eastern Aragon.

Maximum temperatures will rise across the board, especially in the centre and north of the peninsula, while they will fall in the Canary Islands and the coasts of the southern Mediterranean area. Temperatures will exceed 34ºC in the Guadalquivir, Ebro and valleys of the southern plateau. The minimum temperatures will drop in the southeast and the archipelagos, mwhile they will rise in the northern half of the peninsula and remain stable in the rest.

The wind will blow from the west in the strait, with light and variable winds in Alboran. Winds from the east and southeast will predominate in the Mediterranean and Cantabrian areas, and from the south and west on the Atlantic side, being stronger in the Ebro Valley, Ampurdán and western Galicia. In the Canary Islands, the trade winds will blow with strong intervals in exposed areas.

Heavy rain and storms

For Tuesday, Atlantic disturbances will cause Cloudy or overcast skies with rain in Galicia and Asturias, keeping the weather cool in those communities. Maximum temperatures will increase in the rest of the country, exceeding 34ºC in the southern half and 36ºC in the valleys of the Ebro Depression. There will be daytime cloudiness in the eastern half with risk of occasional stormsand mist on the Mediterranean coast, with possible fog banks in Alboran.

Winds will be easterly in the Mediterranean and eastern areas, variable in the Cantabrian Sea and westerly and southwesterly in the rest. In Galicia they will turn northwesterly, being more intense in the Strait of Gibraltar, Ebro, Ampurdán, Meseta Norte and Galicia; with strong trade winds in the Canary Islands and very strong gusts in exposed areas.

Temperatures are rising

Looking ahead to Wednesday, Temperatures are expected to rise in many regions. Maximum temperatures will exceed 36ºC in large areas of the southern third and depressions in the northeast, reaching 38ºC in parts of the Guadalquivir and Segura rivers. Intervals of strong trade winds are expected in exposed areas of the Canary Islands and Heavy or persistent rainfall is not ruled out in northwestern Galicia.

Torrid nights in these areas

For its part, Meteored indicates that The heat will become more widespread and intensify on Wednesday and Thursday, with maximum temperatures around 40ºC in large areas of the Guadalquivir valley and the Ebro depression.

On Friday, temperatures will drop less in the southeast where the ridge will intensify. “In the Region of Murcia, east of Albacete and south of the Valencian Community, a westerly wind episode could leave temperatures very high, above 40 ºC”they warn.

In addition, the nights will be especially warm in some areas of Seville and Jaén on Thursday and Friday. According to Meteored, in this last province, The minimum temperatures could remain above 25 ºC, so we would be talking about torrid nights.