AEMET activates alerts for heat, heavy rains and storms with hail in 10 communities

DANA has arrived in Spain with force and The episode of heavy rains and storms will continue until Saturday. This Thursday, ten autonomous communities are on alert for high temperatures that will reach 38 degrees, storms accompanied by hail or by rains that may accumulate up to 15 liters in one hourreports the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Aragon, Navarra, La Rioja and Madrid, the province of Guadalajara (Castilla-La Mancha) and Lleida (Catalonia) They have activated the yellow alert (risk) due to temperatures maximums that could register 38 degreesMeteorology warns that in points of the Central depression of Lleida it will reach 39 degrees.

Where is it going to rain today?

All provinces of Andalusia, except Almería and Huelvaare in yellow for an accumulated precipitation of 15 liters per square meter in one hour and for storms with hail, while In Extremadura, only Badajoz remains alert due to rains and storms accompanied by hail in areas of Barros, La Serena and Siberia in Extremadura.

In Castile and León, the provinces of León and Zamora They remain yellow for storms with hail and rain, and in Castilla la Mancha The storms will affect the Alcudia and Madrona mountains in Ciudad Real. In the northwest of the peninsula, Galicia has activated the yellow warning for rain of more than 15 liters in one hour and for storms with hail in areas of Lugo and Ourense.

In general terms, the state agency indicates that the Peninsula will continue to be under the influence of a DANA, which will leave abundant cloudiness and precipitation in much of the territory. Although with a wide margin of uncertainty, he points out that The areas with the greatest probability of intense rainfall, accompanied by storms and locally strong, are Andalusia at the beginning, then the interior northwest and, at the end of the day, eastern Andalusia, without ruling out areas of the central west, north of the Iberian system and the Pyrenees.. During this day, no precipitation is expected in the middle and lower Ebro, east and southeast of the peninsula, Melilla and the Balearic Islands, where intervals of high clouds will predominate.

Regarding temperatures, AEMET indicates that the minimum temperatures will decrease in Andalusia and will increase in the central west and extreme northeast and that the maximum temperatures will decrease in the southern half, north of Galicia, Cantabrian Sea, northern plateau and midlands of the Canary Islands and will increase in the Balearic Islands. northeast and Rías Baixas. By area, they can reach 34-36ºC in the Ebro valley and depressions in the northeast. Specific, The provincial capitals that will register the highest values ​​will be Lleida and Zaragoza with 39ºC; Guadalajara with 37ºC; and Huesca, Madrid and Toledo with 36ºC.

On Friday the DANA enters the peninsula

The DANA will cross the peninsula and Friday would be the most unstable day. The showers will be of strong intensity, especially in parts of eastern Andalusia, the central area and large areas of the northern half. In addition, they may be accompanied by storms, hail and intense gusts of wind. Temperatures will drop in almost the entire country, although they will once again exceed 34ºC in the Ebro Valley and occasionally in Mallorca. The day will be cool for the season in the southern half, since localities in the Guadalquivir valley will barely be around 28 to 30 degrees.

Will it still rain this weekend?

Although uncertainty is higher, it seems that DANA will move away from the peninsula during the weekend, although a new Atlantic trough will penetrate the northwest of the peninsula, maintaining instability. He Saturday It will be a day with showers and storms widely distributed across the northern half, also in points in the center, and that locally, for another day, could be intense. The situation will be similar Sunday, again with the possibility of rain and showers in areas of the northern half and the center, although perhaps they are less likely. That day there will be a general rise in temperatures and the weather will still be cool in the north. The heat will be a little hotter in the south, east and the Balearic Islands, where in some areas it may exceed 34ºC.