5 km spa. squares, golf courses…: this is what it costs to stay in the luxurious base camp of the Spanish team in the Euro Cup

The Spanish team prepares for its debut against Croatia which will take place next Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and cannot do it in a better place. The The Royal Spanish Football Federation chose the Der Öschberghof facilities to host the national team. Der Öschberghof is located in the German town of Donaueschingen, within the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, in the Black Forest-Baar district. Facilities that meet everyone the requirements that a professional football team needs for an event with the characteristics that a Euro Cup implies. A very quiet location with large common and private spaces, indoors and outdoors.

It is a very quiet location and there are large common spaces, both indoors and outdoors. For example, The hotel has three soccer fields so that soccer players can prepare for different commitments and large physical conditioning and recovery spaces equipped with the latest technology. It also has a room with a projector and several recreation rooms.

Built in 1976 and with its last renovation in 2019, the Der Öschberghof facilities They have 127 rooms and suites. The team will stay there for its first three games, from June 15 to 24 against Croatia, Italy and Albania. The complex has a 2-Michelin-star restaurant since 2021, run by Manuel Ulrich, head chef at Ösch Noir, and the rustic Öventhütte. A luxury that under normal conditions can cost around €800 per night.

A gigantic spa

Also There is a gigantic 5,000 square meter spa, an indoor pool and three golf courses so that footballers can spend their leisure and rest time.

Since last Sunday night, the 26 internationals are already concentrated in the residential complex that cIt has numerous personalized areas with motivational messages prepared by the coaching staff with the objective of coach Luis de la Fuente of giving priority to the team over individuals. 'Don't lower your goal, increase your effort', you can read in the gym.

Two giant photos of goal celebrations are accompanied in the game room by the message of encouragement 'Let's go Spain', which is repeated in the training field where they will prepare for each match, along with words like 'Union', 'Team', 'Work' and 'Effort'.

Steve Jobs, to inspire Spain

The most repeated message is the phrase from Steve Jobs that is read in the tent attached to the training field of the SV Aasen Sports Center and in the Der Öschberghof gym. The phrase from the Apple co-founder that can be read is the following: “Great things at work are never done by one person, they are done by a great team,” written in perfect Spanish.

The complex chosen to establish its base camp during Euro 2024 by the Spanish team is near the border with Switzerland in a stunning natural environment in the Black Forest.

The players rest in luxury individual rooms on the first floor, where they also have a games room with all kinds of entertainment, another to watch the games on a giant screen surrounded by sofas and poufs, and the dining room. On the ground floor there is the complete gym, the physiotherapy room, the spa, the cryotherapy room, the sauna, the hyperbaric room and the swimming pool. The luxurious venue is surrounded by three golf courses with more than 200 hectares and 45 holes.