10 things you should understand about fashionable fintech

With millions of users on its platform, proving to be a disruptive fintech in the financial landscape. This is thanks to its various innovative banking services, as well as business solutions that complement its core offering.

How is Revolut different from traditional banks?

This is different from traditional banking as it is a completely online experience. This means that it is possible to manage your application account, allowing quick and secure access from anywhere. In fact, its leaders consistently assert their commitment to facilitating “complicated” money issues. Reason why they work to keep the platform simple and efficient, eliminating long waits, as well as additional charges for transfers.

A platform with more than 18 million international clients

This fintech evolved quickly until it became the financial giant it is today. This is how it has more than 35 million clients – 2.4 in Spain – and relationships with 500,000 companies worldwide. Likewise, reaching a value of 33,000 million dollars in mid-2022. Thus, making it not only the most popular at the moment, but also one of the most sought-after in Europe.

What does Revolut offer users and businesses?

Revolut guarantees that any user can open a bank account in a matter of seconds and completely free of charge. But this is just the beginning, since it has multiple special functions. From multi-currency tools, account-linked cards and free ATM withdrawals. It also has integration into the cryptocurrency market, budgeting tools, insurance options and even financing methods for startups.

Revolut Premium Subscription Plans

Revolut has different plans, each with advantages adapted to each type of user. Starting with the Standard Plan, being the most basic, including multi-currency functionalities and options to send and withdraw money abroad. As well as Revolut Plus, with advantages such as exclusive debit card, priority access to support and higher effect limit. Likewise, Premium Revolut and Metal Revolut, being the most expensive and having additional rewards. For its part, the plan Ultra, the most exclusive, includes access to airport VIP lounges, free cancellation on trips, included subscriptions to Financial Times, WeWork, Freeletics or Headspace, among other services.

Revolut already has headquarters in Spain

In its race to expand as an alternative to conventional banks, it opened its own branch in Spain this year, facilitating management for users in the region. Likewise, allowing the implementation of personalized services, such as better support and customer service. As well as ease when withdrawing cards, managing procedures and insurance.

Integration with multiple payment platforms

Revolut is an innovative fintech that seeks to go beyond its limits, by ensuring collaboration with other key industry players. Hence, it has strategic integrations with giants such as Amazon Merchant, PayPal and Stripe. This with the aim of providing its users and clients in the retail market with fluid solutions and integration with their favorite platforms. So that they can manage their finances quickly and without problems.

Card purchases abroad without commissions

Another of the most notable features is that it allows its customers to make purchases abroad with their card. So you can enjoy the comforts of the application from anywhere. By guaranteeing transfers or purchases of up to US$1,200 without commissions, giving your clients the freedom to make transactions without worrying about additional charges.

Special benefits for your customers subscribed to Revolut plans

We are talking about a fintech that cares about pampering its most loyal users and this goes beyond its consultancies and specialized tools. In addition to making it easier to manage your finances, it offers additional rewards that enhance the experience. These range from discounts on travel, refunds on holiday bookings, discounted access to airport lounges and many others.

Revolut's international expansion

It is important to highlight how it has experienced impressive growth in recent years. Since its launch, it has managed to conquer millions of users around the world and currently has a community of 35 million customers. A testimony of the trust and adaptation it had in the financial industry, extending to more than 38 countries, including Spain.

The most downloaded financial application in 9 countries

This is how the company announced in mid-November that the application became the most downloaded financial tool in some of the main countries of the world. Such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Malta. Not to mention that it currently has headquarters in 30 countries around the world, where it already appears as an official banking entity.