They develop an IoT system that predicts anxiety episodes in people with dementia and Alzheimer's

In Spain there are currently some 800,000 people suffering Alzheimer's and it is estimated that the population with dementia will reach one million by the middle of this centuryaccording to the Spanish Society of Neurology. Milbotixa Bristol-based company, in collaboration with Unimedia Technologybased in Barcelona, ​​have developed a device IoT (Internet of Things) to assist in the care of these types of patients.

As explained by Milbotix, people with dementia often have communication difficulties and they become agitated and stressed when they cannot express themselves. In some cases, leading to aggressive behavior towards the people around them and even towards themselves. SmartSocks are smart socks that monitor patient stress and alert caregivers, through a mobile app, when an episode is starting. The project has obtained financing of more than 600,000 euros coming from investors such as British Design Fund and Two Magnolias Venture Capital, among others.

Milbotix and Unimedia Technology opted for the use of socks so that a patient could carry the necessary technology with them, instead of other objects such as a wrist bracelet, as it is a familiar garment that is less likely to be removed at any given time.

SmartSocks have a series of sensors implanted in the tissue that are capable of measuring heart rate, sweat, temperature and movement. Through a wireless connection, they provide real-time information about the status of the person wearing them. the caregiver can see in an app on their mobile.


“We are very pleased to have provided the technological knowledge and assistance so that Milbotix can develop this pioneering product that, without a doubt, will improve the lives of many patients and promote their independence by allowing them to live at home for longer. Together with Milbotix we have been able to address the main technological challenges of 'SmartSocks', resulting in a most innovative solution,” says Jaume Vidal, CEO of Unimedia Technology, in a statement.

The Spanish company is a technology and software development consultancy that has used artificial intelligence, IoT and AWS to develop these applications that allow caregivers to have an effective tool to guarantee people's well-being. Unimedia has been in charge of the technical definition of the interactions between the system firmware of the sock sensor and end users, as well as the development of the system that supports user interactions.

As recently indicated by the BBC, the Integrated Care System of the county of Dorset, in England, will begin testing these smart socks in nursing homes this year.