An Andalusian trip

The succession of episodes in the scenarios that we went through were interesting. In Córdoba, we revisited the Museum of Fine Arts with works by the great sculptor Mateo Inurria, and in the same building the art gallery of Julio Romero de Torres, the painter of the dark woman.

Lunch in a refectory of an old house, spacious and bright. With Córdoba's own amontillado wine, the inevitable oxtail, and good conversation encouraged by Antonio and the two Pilares, from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Afterwards, drive to Lucena, founded by Jews in the early days of the Middle Ages, and which is full of history on all four sides. There our host, Don Vicente, sits, who from his mansion dominates the olive groves interspersed with calm land, which crosses the Guadalquivir with its formidable Roman bridge that has been in use for more than two thousand years.

In Lucena, the best of dinners at Don Vicente's house, with two illustrious architects, father and son, both Luises: good conversation about the housing problem and the need for a simple and very economical prototype to overcome the serious crisis of offer.

Good sleep and the next morning, breakfast at Don Vicente's house with the two travelers, Cristiano and the writer, with a carpenter of the highest level, José Antonio, who gives Vicente a pulley with a cork oak wheel. Colloquium followed, with strong words: gouges and clubs, and other instruments for working wood. As almost the end of the festive trip, an archeology session, with a prior visit to a Roman pottery with its restorer, Daniel. There clay vessels were made to carry oil and wine from Hispania to the port of Ostia.

After a not very frugal lunch, a visit from Araceli, Don Vicente's neighbor and helper. Farewell to friends and return to Madrid on the fast AVE.