Will Smith's viral video in which he laughs at AIs like Sora

The latest sensation in the field of generative artificial intelligence is called Sora. It is a tool with which you can generate realistic looking videos from a text description and that represents a qualitative leap over AIs of this type that already existed. The networks have been filled with multiple examples of its capabilities and among them a video that went viral a year ago has once again appeared, also generated by AI and starring Will Smith.

The actor, who fell into disgrace with the profession after the incident in which he was involved two years ago, when he slapped the presenter Chris Rock During the Oscar ceremony, he became a trend again for a 20-second clip in which He is seen devouring spaghetti with real hunger and a grotesque touch, a product of the limitations of technology then. The video was made with an open source AI called ModelScope from DAMO Vision Intelligence Lab, a division of Alibaba.

The Will Smith generated by AI showed many inconsistencies that revealed that it was not a real work and I couldn't even try to get through it. But the fact that you could create video from text, with all its flaws, was amazing.

That Smith eating spaghetti has gone viral again in recent days as a result of Sora's impact. It is part of a new video in which it is compared to a version of the same scene performed by a current AI like Sora and which has gone viral as an example of the rapid progress of AI. However, the comparison is not real. It is indeed, a joke from Will Smith himself which is deceiving many social media users.

The actor published this Monday on his Instagram account the video that compares the two versions of Will Smith eating spaghetti. Under the title AI Video now and writing “This is getting out of hand”, it divides the screen between the AI ​​video from a year ago and the new one recorded by Will Smith in which the camera has not intervened. AI.

It's a real video in which Smith, comically, imitates the mannerisms and way of moving that the AI ​​showed and seemed so unnatural. Some of his 64 million followers got the joke, but others were dubious. In any case, when it went viral, many people were impressed by Sora's videos. he is taking it for granted.