Sea Panda Skeletons: Cute or Creepy?

This marine species is attracting everyone's attention. It is a curious type of ascidians or ascidians, a class of animals that are found in the seas and oceans around the world, and that live fixed on rocks and shells.

They are commonly known as “sea squirts” because they feed by storing water inside, and expelling it when they have retained what they need to survive. This striking type of sea squirt has become known through social networks and the media for its peculiar appearance.

Measuring only two centimeters in size, it has a skeleton-like appearance, with black spots as eyes that are reminiscent of those of panda bears, which as a result gives a mixture that is as friendly as it is creepy.

And despite its skeletal appearance, what may appear to be bones are simply blood vessels, since this creature is completely invertebrate. This aspect has made them famous among divers, who now go to visit them on the Japanese island of Kumejima.

In Japanese the popular name given to it is “gaikotupandahoya”, which in Japanese means “skeletal panda”. Although Japanese researchers published a new article in which an official scientific name was assigned to this animal: Clavelina ossipandae.