WhatsApp will allow sharing updates with Instagram

It is not strange that Mark Zuckerberg tries to connect all the social networks he has under the Meta umbrella, read Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. And one of the latest measures he has taken will arrive with an upcoming update: WhatsApp will allow sharing updates with Instagram.

In the article about WhatsApp beta update for Android, a feature to share status updates on Instagram has been announced. This feature was designed to improve media sharing for users by allowing them to easily post their WhatsApp status updates directly to their Instagram Stories.

Although this feature is still in development in the beta version of WhatsApp, it seems that WhatsApp is now in the process of bringing the same cross-posting experience to the iOS app as well.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, WhatsApp is actively improving its sharing feature to include Instagram compatibility, which will be released in a future update. Since this feature is optional, users will need to enable it if they want to share their status updates on Instagram after posting them on WhatsApp as it is initially inactive.

This is what the status sharing option would look likewabetainfowabetainfo

It's important to note that users will be able to turn off the new cross-posting experience with Instagram at any time after manually activating it, and they can manage Who can see the content you share on Instagram directly within your Instagram Stories audience settings. A very useful measure in terms of privacy and security.

This configuration will improve user options, allowing them to quickly share their statuses with their contact list on WhatsApp and with their followers on Instagram, without the need to manually republish them. By facilitating direct sharing of WhatsApp status updates on Instagram, this feature will improve the status update process across multiple platforms. Obviously, it is not something “free”: by obtaining cross information of contacts in one and another social networkMeta gets even more data from its users.