Contacts between PSOE and Bildu to protect their project

Final hour of the Basque campaign and the technical tie between PNV and EH Bildu has not yet been broken according to the trackings with which the parties face the last election day today. A clue The result of the polls on Sunday is in those between 80,000 and 100,000 voters of the entire life of PNVand that today, for different reasons – the simplest being the logical wear of power which affects all parties after many years of government – ​​makes them appear in the polls as “pissed off” and with their vote decision in doubt.

They are also conditioned by the effective campaign of the left of mobilization in the streetwhich their unions have starred in in recent years, and by a feeling of anger with how some things are going at the management level, such as health administration or citizen security in some capitals like Bilbao.

The candidates are working hard to get citizens out of their lethargy, especially the PNV, with proven difficulties in mobilizing their voters despite the fact that these are the elections in which the possibility of there being a conflict appears strongest. “sorpasso” from EH Bildu to the PNV.

The main leaders return to the Basque Country today without demographic analysis granting them significant relevance in the final result of the polls. Yes, jealousy has drawn attention in these last few hours, also in this, between ERC and Junts to have their role in the end of the 12M campaign: this one is absolutely irrelevant in the vote and with only sense of posturing against the Catalan rival. This explains why Junts lacked time, when he learned of the campaign visit of the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, to ask the PNV if it would also be appropriate for Jordi Turull to appear there.

On Sunday the results will be known quickly, at ten at night we will know how the demographic tie between PNV and the heirs of Batasuna is resolved, and if the Peneuvistas maintain the absolute majority with the PSE. This is the main key to the elections, in which today the president Pedro Sánchez will once again incur a corrosive political contradiction and ethics by appealing to the vote of the progressive left against the acronyms that still do not condemn violence, while in Madrid these Bildu acronyms are part of the progressive coalition with a higher status than the Basque nationalists.

They allow themselves to go on their own in the campaign, due to current interests

President Sanchez will have to share a political framework today with his candidate, Eneko Andueza, who has spent the campaign agitating the vote of fear of the ETA coalition and highlighting his complicity with terrorism to contain the flight of his own towards the acronym of Arnaldo Otegi –because also from the PSE there is a transfer of support to the heirs of Batasuna– and, furthermore, towards the PNV out of anger with the pacts signed with they.

In that transvestism in which the socialists move due to the support needs they have in Madrid, the President of the Government is supposed to row today in favor of what has been one of the central axes of his party's campaign in the Basque Country, when the reality is that the same people that he pampers in Congress, and that Andueza disqualifies in the campaign so as not to lose the PSE vote, present themselves with 9 candidates who have served time or have been arrested for belonging to or collaborating with a terrorist group, or for public disorder. This is the face of your investiture partners.

It is important in this context to keep in mind that the dialogue that the PSOE maintains in Madrid with Bildu, a channel that is permanently open and that has worked on some issues with more diligence than with the PNV, has already served to calm the waters. and make it clear that the things that are being said in the Basque campaign are part of the staging necessary to capture the voter, but that they have nothing to do with the national strategy of collaboration, and, if you hurry, also autonomous, in a process of reorganization of alliances of the left with the independence movement also dressed as leftists, and for which they are firmly betting in Madrid.

The agreement is that the Basque campaign goes on its own, taking into account current interests, but that the agreement, and The agreements already signed will be fulfilled, because this has been certified, so that there are no doubts, by the usual interlocutors in the Congress of Deputies. The parliamentary spokesperson, the Basque Patxi López, has always taken care of Mertxe Aizpurua and Oskar Matute. As they also have a good relationship with his mediator with Moncloa.

In the Executive, they assure that the relationship with the abertzales in the Lower House is secure, despite the harshness of Minister Pilar Alegría this Tuesday calling Bildu a “coward” – a message designed by Sánchez's plumbers. Not even Óscar Puente's feigned criticism, censoring the candidate's words, angered Otegi.