WhatsApp warns that there will be more spam and scams in the app starting in March: this is the reason

The next 6th of March The deadline given to companies that Europe designated as gatekeepers to adapt to the Digital Markets Law ends. One of them is Goal and among the services that must be modified to comply with the new regulations is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the dominant messaging app in the world with more than 2 billion users, but now it must open to the interoperability. That is, being able to send a message to, for example, a Telegram user that they will receive even if they do not use the Meta app.

This new feature will be available only in European markets and it is evidently not to Meta's taste. WhatsApp does not have a great interest in encouraging it and has already commented on several occasions that it considers that presents risks in security and privacy issues. And it will also remind users when they activate the option, which will not be activated by default.

The specialized media WABetainfo has had access to the new functionality in the beta of WhatsApp for Android Will be called Third party chats and message will alert the risks that the user incurs if they decide to use interoperability.

WhatsApp warns that other applications may use a different type of end-to-end encryption as well as others policies that manage user data differently than the Meta application does.

But the most serious warning is that Spam and scams will be more common in third-party chats. Something in which Meta is still right, although other apps could launch the same warning on WhatsApp, platform where there is no shortage.

Interoperability will be limited in a first phase, supporting the sending of text messages, images, voice notes, videos and files between two people, leaving calls and group chats for later.

In any case, no major messaging platform has commented on interoperability and how they will deal with it from their side. One reason may be that if they want to use this functionality with WhatsApp they must sign an agreement with Meta and follow its terms to be able to connect to the WhatsApp infrastructure. The company already commented that it would be this March when it would explain all the details about interoperability between platforms. In a week, it should be available.