WhatsApp develops a solution for the security flaw in blocked chats

Chat blocking is a feature that came to WhatsApp last May aimed at improving user privacy. Allows you to move a conversation from the general chats tab to a folder that can only be unlocked by biometric identificationwhether through fingerprint or face, or by phone unlock code. This way, a locked conversation will remain hidden from anyone else who can access the mobile.

The feature, however, posed a security breach in the privacy of blocked chats as it was a function that applies only to the main mobile and does not sync on other devices. So the conversations that remain blocked in it remain completely accessible from linked devices to the account. Whether it is a browser, the Windows or Mac app or another smartphone, which reduces the effectiveness of the function and entails a series of risks.

According to WABetainfo, WhatsApp is working to Extend this protection to linked devices by using a secret code as a form of identification. This secret code can be configured from the main phone and, once created, will make chats blocked sync across all linked devices and its introduction will be necessary to access these conversations. On your primary device, you can still use the identification method you prefer.

The new functionality is currently in development and it is unknown when it will be ready.

How to block a chat on WhatsApp

The chat blocking feature can be applied to both private and group conversations. In a locked chat, new messages only show a notification that says “WhatsApp: 1 new message”, without identifying either the content or the origin. Calls, however, are not blocked. You can protect your conversations on your primary device by following these steps:

  • Opens WhatsApp and enter the chat you want to hide.
  • Tap on the profile picture of the contact or the group.
  • Activate the slider Chat blocking. WhatsApp will ask you to confirm the action using your face or fingerprint.
  • To access a blocked chat, tap the folder Blocked chats that appears above the list of chats and identify yourself using the method you have chosen.