What will the weather be like during the 2024 Easter holidays?

Whenever the Easter millions of Spaniards are attentive to the Weather forecast hoping to know which areas will be most affected by rain, wind or snow, and thus not ruin your well-deserved vacation. This 2024, the festive period will begin on Sunday March 24which will be the Palm Sundaytherefore it will be earlier in the morning than in 2023. And the last day of the holiday will be Easter mondaythe day April 1st. Although it is still early to make an exact forecast, the eltiempo.es portal has released its first weather forecast for the next holiday period.

The portal details that March is usually a very changeable month, with very rainy and cold days and other sunny and spring-like days. Furthermore, it is usually a month quite rainy, especially in Galicia and the Cantabrian communities. For example, they highlight that in Bilbao the average rainfall for this month is 90 liters per square meter (l/(m2), a figure that until the beginning of autumn is only surpassed by April. In general, on average in Spain, The accumulated precipitation is 47 l/m2.

As for the temperaturesthe average for the month in our country is 11.3ºC. The maximum averages exceed the 15ºC in a large part of the regions, such as Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Murcia, Seville or Mallorca. Although the mornings are cool, thermometers tend to rise in the middle of the day.

Will it rain at Easter? Its going to be hot?

The month of March will start with a warmer than normal first fortnight throughout the Mediterranean, a situation that will continue throughout the month and that, in addition, in the second fortnight will affect areas of the eastern Cantabrian, central peninsula and southwest. Both archipelagos will also experience temperatures above normal.

As for the precipitationMarch is expected to behave within normality although the portal specifies that the week in which Easter falls this year is expected to be Rainfall may be slightly above normal in the northwest of the Peninsula. In any case, the rest would remain within normality.

Regarding temperaturespredicts an Holy Week warmer than normal throughout the country, especially in the eastern half of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands as well as in the Canary Islands.