What the new WhatsApp icon with a double arrow pointing to the right means

The instant messaging application owned by Meta, WhatsApp, is in one of its most transformative moments worldwide. The company, owned by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, is improving its services to offer the best features to its millions of users, including those in Spain. This is the case, for example, of the renewed video player, the next photo editor with artificial intelligence (AI) or even the recommendation to start a conversation with those contacts with whom you have never spoken. But it goes one step further.

The California-based app changes its interface to introduce a new bottom navigation bar White in color, which gives it a more modern and minimalist touch. In this sense, let us remember, until a few days ago she was at the top. The idea pursued by the multinational, owner of other platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, is to facilitate the task of being able to handle WhatsApp with just one hand. Another point to take into account, and which in this case responds more to a legal question, has to do with the new terms of service and privacy policies that were launched this April 11.

The instant messaging application has no choice but to comply with the new Digital Services Law, better known as DMA by its acronym in English, in the European Region. It was presented almost four years ago, specifically, in December 2020 by the European Commission, although it finally came into force in November 2022, but it has been applicable since May 2023. The objective of the European Union is that the 'Big Tech ', which include other large technology corporations such as ByteDance (TikTok), Microsoft or Apple, adopt a series of measures to end the oligopoly of “gatekeepers”. Although that's not all.

What is the WhatsApp double arrow icon that appears in some chats

One of the new milestones of the Meta platform lies in the arrival of a new icon pointing to the right. Well, it actually serves as a shortcut, that is, it is an action button that It is used to be able to forward the message quickly without having to go to other menus, since simply pressing that button will open the drop-down screen to choose who or where you want to share it. In short, it is a much easier way to share messages with friends and family.

If you look back, just a few days ago, you had to leave the message selected and then click on the option that was located at the top right to share it. However, now, it appears right below him, which speeds up the process when forwarding or sharing it in a simple click.