from the cold and snow to temperatures of 30 degrees in these areas

Temperatures will remain low in Spaina, and the rains will accompany us for a few more days. ANDWednesday, May 1, national holiday, it will be the most unstable day. An Atlantic front will cross the country, and rains and storms will appear in almost all Atlantic regions. In this way, weather more typical of March will be imposed in many areas of the country, with night frosts in various places and even snowfall at 900 meters in northwest. However, the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) announces a significant change in weather for the weekend. Temperatures will rise across the board and will exceed 30 degrees in some points.

“During Wednesday, May 1 and Thursday, May 2, we expect cold weather for the time of year, with daytime temperatures that will be between 5 and 10 degrees below normal for the time in large areas of the interior of the peninsula,” says Rubén Del Campo, spokesperson for the AEMET. The rains will appear on Wednesday in large areas and starting Thursday they will be limited to the northwest of the peninsula. Starting on Friday, temperatures will be normal for those dates or will even be warmer than normal in the east and south of the peninsula during the weekend.

On Friday there will still be some frost in mountain areas and it will be a cold day for the season. On Saturday and Sunday there will be a normalization of temperatures, which may even be warm in the eastern third of the country. “The maximums could be in the third eastern part of the country, between 5 and 10 degrees above normal during the weekend. In fact, starting Friday, temperatures will exceed 20 degrees almost universally and 25 degrees in large areas of the east and south of the territory. It is even possible that Saturday and Sunday will be exceeded 30 or 32 degrees in points in the interior of the Valencian Community, Region of Murcia and Andalusia” indicates Del Campo.

The AEMET prediction, collected by Servimedia, indicates that the hottest capitals they will be Bilbao, Murcia and Zaragoza this Tuesday (24 degrees); Alicante and Castellón de la Plana on Wednesday (24th), Valencia on Thursday (26th), Murcia and Valencia on Friday (26th), Valencia on Saturday (30th) and Murcia on Sunday (33rd). On the other hand, it will be colder this Tuesday in Lugo (14); on Wednesday in Ávila, Pamplona and Segovia (11); on Thursday in Ávila and Segovia (12), on Friday in León (12), on Saturday in León (17) and on Sunday in Tarragona (20).

As for the rains on Friday and weekend, they will be limited mainly to Galicia, Asturias and the northwest of Castilla y León, and they will decrease over the days. During the first days of next week, temperatures are likely to continue to rise, with warm environment especially in the south of the peninsula.