What is the mysterious row of spheres that has appeared in a field in Ukraine?

A series of images showing A mysterious row of 16 spherical or semi-spherical objects was found in a field in Ukraine are circulating online and sparking various speculations about their nature. Most point to some kind of new Russian capability of electronic warfare or another possible military system, but there is also the possibility that it has nothing to do with the war currently underway and is some kind of agricultural facility.

The images, which show the 16 structures in a row from a bird’s eye view, were initially posted by the Ukrainian soldier Serhii Beskrestnov on Telegram last Friday. In one of them you can see 8 more with the same shape stacked in the back of a truck. Near the spheres you can see something that could be a camouflage net or a tarp, as well as a cleared area in the vicinity. Both images appear to be satellite or captured by a droneThe time and place where the photos were taken are unknown, beyond the fact that they were taken in Ukraine.

Beskrestnov is a military expert in ‘radio technology’ and other similar electronic equipment, which he usually posts on Telegram about the latest developments in this field in relation to the war in Ukraine. Regarding the images, he expressed his surprise: ‘It seemed like he already knew everything the enemy had in terms of technological solutions’wrote, ‘And here I am, perplexed by a set of semispheres that are displayed directly in a row’.

On social media it has been suggested that they could be inflatable spherical antennas or antenna coverspossibly for communication purposes, similar to those produced by GATR Technologies in the United States. Beskrestnov, however, ruled out this possibility since the structures appear to be semi-spherical, as well as rigid and stackable, rather than spherical and inflatable like those of the American manufacturer.

For the Ukrainian expert, what the images show It also has nothing to do with the 1B75 Penicillin platform.a counter-battery system that uses acoustic sensors and thermal imaging to detect incoming threats and geolocate their origin, nor with Russia’s known electronic warfare systems. Despite this, and according to the military outlet The Warzone, It cannot be ruled out that these are antennas or covers for them that are part of an electronic warfare system, telecommunications or sensors of some kind.. Another possibility is that the structures may be field fortificationsobstacles of some kind or to fulfill another military purpose.

It is also worth noting that the land shown in the images appears well maintained and does not bear the ravages of war seen in many parts of Ukraine. There are no tire marks that can be associated with the movement of heavy military trucks, raising the possibility that these structures They are not of a military nature and are part of an agricultural facility.Without more information, it is not possible to specify what they are or what function they have.