What has Luis Miguel done that he looks more and more like Enrique Ponce?

Paloma Cuevas She is one of the most attractive and stylish women in Spain. Her magnetism seems to spring from her discretion, from her reserve, from her effective sagacity that characterizes even her discreetly majestic way of dressing. Pigeon was shaped by the overwhelming personality of her parents, from whom she inherited her ability to influence the personalities of those around her. Paloma thus created the image of Enrique Poncehe modulated it, he sculpted it as if it were plasticine until it became his Pygmalion. And Ponce was devoured by his mantis, sinking into nothingness.

He Mexican/Spanish/Italian singer He had raised alarms among his followers due to his neglected appearance, with obvious overweight, baldness, premature aging and a general appearance of a tawdry crooner, as if of a decadent reveler who had entered his years. The love of Paloma Cuevas it changed him. There is talk of a weight loss of close to 25 kilos in one year. ¿Intermittent fasting? Nutritional plan? Physical exercise? In any case, the intervention of a nutrition expert is obvious.

changes in the face

His face also shows weight loss: cheekbones and double chin seem to have dissolved into nothingness, supported by liposuction; The most difficult areas, such as the forehead, appear to have been treated effectively with botox and stem cell-based treatments. The shadow areas, duly filled, have been harmonized with the whole, which has not been too “strident.” The wrinkles have softened, it is obvious: the botulinum toxin seems to have done its duty. Perhaps the hair transplant has failed. And there are many who comment that the change has been too obvious, too abrupt, too sudden, too radical.

Luis MiguelGtres

There is also no shortage of authoritative opinions that say that the transformation of the Mexican is due to a dietary protocol that promotes inflammation and longevity, with antioxidant supplements that accelerate metabolism, such as resveratrol, berberine, ozempic and the miraculous hyper vitamin cocktail vit. -therapy. Speculations aside, and ignoring Luis Alfonso de Borbón’s unfortunate outburst about the possible marriage of Paloma and Luis Miguel in Las Vegas, it is evident that Paloma’s action is cause and consequence, double reciprocal causality of the pop star’s metamorphosis. Paloma is courage and perseverance; Her life is a symbol and metaphor of personal transformation and change, of self-improvement and adaptation. Is he shaping Luis Miguel, as he did with Enrique Ponce? Time will shed light on the singer’s “Ponceification”…