What does Mónica García understand by health corruption?

From an objective point of view, the launch of an Observatory against Health Fraud and Corruption such as the one announced by the Ministry of Health could constitute excellent news.

Despite the classic uselessness of observatories in administrative practice, the creation of a specific one of this type in an area that moves so much money could help correct bad practices and avoid dangerous temptations that then empty public pockets.

Throughout their professional career, all agents operating in the sector have had news of irregular actionsothers that border on legality and a few that directly break it. The sanitary cake is succulent and there are always mouths, fortunately few, willing to eat it with their teeth.

The context in which its constitution takes place, in the midst of Sanchista absurdity, does not however invite optimism. When we are on the verge of an unprecedented democratic offensive in Spain against two of the main counterpowers of the Government such as judges and wayward journalists, One wonders if the new body is not actually a new trickanother one, from the Sánchez Government to attack under an appearance of seriousness to their health rivals or, at least, to criticize their actions.

It is worth asking here what the current Ministry of Mónica García understands by health fraud or corruption. Will he, for example, charge against former senior officials who are accused of alleged irregular purchases of materials, as is happening now, or will he use the observatory to resume the hunt against Ayuso for his commitment to public-private collaboration or the uprising of the Isabel Zendal Hospital ?