from the rains and the cold to the 30 degree heat

The first weekend of May is leaving significant rainfall in the north of the peninsula and great thermal ups and downs. The stormy showers will be locally intense this Sunday in several regionsyes, waiting for a general rise in temperatures. As the days go by, the anticyclonic weather and Temperatures will exceed 30 degrees in many areas.

This Sunday, Mother's Day, Several fronts will enter from the northwest and leave cloudy or overcast skies in “most” of the area.a, cloud cover extending to the rest of the Peninsula during the second half of the day. According to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency, rain is expected strong and persistent in Galicia, which will have the yellow warning activated.

As the hours pass, the rainfalland will extend to large areas of Castilla y León, northern Extremadura, Cantabrian communities, Alto Ebro and the western Pyrenees.. Likewise, it is not ruled out that some downpour may occur in parts of the central zone and the southern half. As the frontal system moves forward, storm activity will increase. In the Balearic Islands, slightly cloudy or high cloud skies will predominate, while in the Canary Islands, some low cloudiness is expected in the north and slightly cloudy or clear skies in the rest.

Minimum temperatures will increase in almost all of Spain, except in the northwest third of the peninsula. The maximums will decrease on the Atlantic and Cantabrian slopes and increase in the southern half of the Mediterranean area and the Canary Islands. In Murcia it will reach 32 degrees and the minimum will be recorded in Lugo, with 6.

In the first part of Monday, precipitation and showers are expected in parts of the interior, mountain ranges, Galicia, the Cantabrian coast and the Pyrenees, which will tend to gain strength in the northeast of Catalonia, according to Meteored. “In the central hours of the day the clouds will grow strongly, leaving stormy downpours that will be occasionally intense in Catalonia, the northern interior of the Valencian Community and in the province of Teruel”. In these areas, hailstorms and strong gusts of wind associated with storms may occur, adds the meteorological information portal.

Regarding temperatures, ggreat thermal contrasts at the beginning of the week, says the AEMET. There will be a sharp drop in temperatures in the northeast of the peninsula as a result of cloudier skies, showers and the arrival of colder air. At the same time, in the rest of the east of the Peninsula the temperature drop will be somewhat lighter and in the coastal areas, temperatures will rise. While Bilbao, Logroño, Pamplona or Oviedo will be around 14 or 16ºC maximum that day, cities like Valencia or Murcia will be around 29 or 30ºC.

Radical change starting Tuesday

The situation will change drastically starting Tuesday. A will break out fairly warm air mass associated with a subtropical ridgel, causing a marked and widespread thermal rise, they say from Meteored. 25ºC will be generally exceeded in the southern half of the peninsula, as well as in the interior of Galicia, in areas of Castilla y León and in the Ebro Valley. In turn, 30ºC could be exceeded in the Guadalquivir Valley. As for precipitation, it will still rain in the Pyrenees and some showers are expected in the north of Even so, anticyclonic weather will be clearly imposed, with tTemperatures that will rise progressively until at least the weekend.