warmer than normal in these areas of Spain

In recent years, our country has experienced warmer than normal summers. The one of 2023 was the third warmest in Spain since the historical series of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) began in 1961. It was only surpassed by those of 2022 and 2003. During its course, four heat waves were recorded, which in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands lasted for 24 days. But What's coming could be even worse.

The latest forecast from Eltiempo.es indicates that this summer, which will begin on June 21, is expected again very hot and with storms “more abundant than other summers“, after the warmest spring in the last 62 years. According to these experts, the next months of June, July and August will be very warm throughout the interior of the peninsula with temperature anomalies that could be up to 2ºC higher than usual on average. In the rest of the country, they foresee minor anomalies, although they will also be above average.

The meteorological portal indicates that in June the temperatures will be above normal throughout the country, especially in the Balearic Islands, east and south of the peninsula, northeast and interior. Meanwhile, in the Canary Islands and throughout northern Spain there will be values ​​slightly above the average. As for rainfall, rainfall is expected to be slightly below average throughout the territory, except in the Cantabrian Sea, Galicia and the Canary Islands.

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From Eltiempo.es they remember that June is usually a stormy month. Even so, they predict that Throughout the summer, rainfall is within normal levels throughout the country except in the Canary Islands, where it would be slightly above average.

It is normal in our country that on average the maximum temperatures are around 28 to 29ºC. Regarding the minimum temperatures, it is usually around 16ºC, although there are great differences between the different geographical areas, according to Eltiempo.es. Thus, the tropical nights -with minimums above 20ºC- They are usually the usual trend in many parts of the southern half and the Mediterranean coast.

On the other hand, The average rainfall for summer is usually about 73 liters per square meter.or (l/m2). For this reason, experts emphasize that sometimes in the afternoons there are stormy showers, especially in mountain areas.