Trends in desktop and application virtualization for 2024

With each passing year, industries' efforts to achieve an advanced level of digital transformation become more evident. The search for digitization tools is no longer a simple option, it has become a necessity. This has led companies to adopt desktop virtualization environments that allow them to work in a hybrid way. Thanks to this, new applications are being added every time that will become trendy in 2024.

Virtual Cable, virtualization solutions companies, has noticed this trend and has decided to do a comprehensive study. It reflects the applications and tools that could lead the virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI technological market in 2024. They offer much more flexible desktop virtualization mechanisms than the ones we are used to.

Desktop virtualization and digital applications continue to gain ground in 2024

As the industry and the market develop, so do its needs. It is increasingly necessary to deal with more customers, a greater number of products and even more departments and employees. This has led companies to develop a need for digital transformation. Mainly due to competitiveness. Because as organizations transform, others must too to stay ahead.

In addition, Virtualization has gained importance due to an operational issue. Today, the operations, data and processes that a company must manage are immeasurable. Demand for products has expanded incredibly and customers expect much more in terms of attention and personalization of services. The acquisition of virtual solutions and applications makes meeting these needs easier, as well as faster.

Even in talent retention, virtualization has become relevant. Young workers show preference and feel more productive in work environments that offer digital solutions. Not only to learn new skills, but also to complete your tasks faster and be able to cover a greater number of responsibilities more efficiently.

Multicloud and artificial intelligence take the lead

As expected, Artificial intelligence has also made its way into business environments. Applied in the virtual desktop infrastructure, it allows improving operational efficiency, in addition to automating routine and repetitive tasks. Their role is to provide a personalized user experience that adapts to the growing complexity of workplaces.

Multicloud, on the other hand, responds to companies' need for flexibility and agility. This VDI solution allows you to operate multiple platforms at the same time, as well as perform automatic overflows. It has the advantage that it even reduces operating costs and adapts to various workloads. This is a basic application that most organizations will adopt as a foundation during 2024.

Open source and 24×7 attention, the foundations of companies

During 2024, Companies become aware of the importance of flexibility. That is why they prefer open source solutions, thus eliminating dependency on a single provider. This VDI trend allows for better customization of each solution. Thanks to this, organizations will be able to get considerable benefit from their investments and will also enjoy greater optimization.

On a note more inclined towards consumer care, this 2024 companies will expand their attention to 24×7 support. This is a response to the growing demands and competitiveness of the industry. Likewise, many companies recognize that it is a fundamental pillar of digital transformation and innovation. This solution offers operational profitability together with better service.

Scalability and user experience, the priority in 2024

Without consumers and users, companies would not be able to continue growing. That is why in 2024, special attention will be paid to applications that improve the accessibility and usability of their platforms. Likewise, they give importance to security methods, in order to protect critical data and operations between the company and customers. These VDI solutions seek to improve reliability and productivity.

Additionally, it is crucial to note that scalability and flexibility have been important topics in recent years. In 2024 it will be no exception and companies are looking for solutions that not only adapt to their needs, but also provide freedom of choice. They want tools that fit the short and long term, as well as moving away from taxing and rigid technologies. This is seen in the emergence of new software development companies.