Tragedy on Madrid roads: three young people die in an accident

This morning, Madrid's roads were the scene of the most tragic accident so far this year in the region. Three young people, deceased. And two others, in very serious condition. All of them males around twenty years old.

The events occurred on the M-406, at kilometer 9, in the municipality of Leganés. In the accident, there were three vehicles involved: a car in which five young people were traveling, a van and a bus that was traveling without passengers. He The driver and co-pilot of the car died instantly.while the three occupants of the rear seats were treated by the Summa 112 troops, who went to the scene together with the Fire Department of the Community of Madrid.

The three injured, Summa sources stated, were in very serious condition. Two of them were rushed to the Doce de Octubre Hospital. The third was taken in cardiorespiratory arrest to the Getafe Hospital, where he died..

As soon as the driver of the van was treated for an anxiety crisis and transferred to the Leganés Hospital. For his part, the bus driver was discharged at the same place as the accident.

According to Marta Calvo, head of 112, the accident occurred after “a head-on collision between the car and a van, and, secondarily, with a bus.” On behalf of the regional firefighters, four crews attended and saw how the “drivers of the van and the bus got out on their own.”

Now, it is the Civil Guard that is in charge of investigating the causes of the incident. In any case, the mayor of Leganés, Miguel Ángel Recuenco, noted in his profile on the social network The vehicle would have jumped a traffic light at the intersection of the M-406 at the height of Vereda. “There are three fatalities to mourn. RIP,” he concluded.

For her part, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who attended the wedding of the mayor of the capital this morning, José Luis Martínez-Almeida expressed his regret for the tragedy on the same social network. “Our deepest condolences to the families of those who died in this tragic accident. in Leganés. We share his pain. Rest in peace,” the president wrote in her profile.