This is what we know about the new iPad Pro and Air that Apple presents this Tuesday

This Tuesday May 7at 4 in the afternoon in Spain, a Keynote of Manzana in which, according to rumors, leaks and clues given by the company itself so far, The iPad will be renewed after a 2023 in which there were no new models. The iPad and the iPad Pro They have not been updated since October 2022 and the iPad Air since March of the same year. He iPad Mini It has been fallow for longer, given that it has not been fallow since September 2021 either. We review what Apple is expected to announce tomorrow.

iPad Pro with OLED display

New iPad Pro models are coming in two sizes and both will use an OLED panel, with deeper blacks, higher contrast ratios and better energy efficiency. The refresh rate will be 120Hzsomething that Apple calls ProMotion. The chassis will be redesigned, will be slimmer and will have a glass back with cargo capacity MagSafe. The bezels are expected to be thinner and the camera will change location.

The last of the rumors published and probably the one that should be taken with the most caution, is that the iPad Pro OLED will skip the M3 chip, the latest models have the M2, and It will be the first Apple device with the M4. The SoC is designed to include artificial intelligence that will arrive on Apple devices in the fall, but the company would advance them in tomorrow's presentation.

12.9-inch iPad Air

They wait two new iPad Air models for this year, one of them with a 12.9-inch screen, the same size as the current largest iPad Pro, and significantly larger than the 10.9 available in the only iPad Air model that Apple has for sale. The position of the FaceID sensors and the front camera also changes, moving from the top to one of the side bezels. There will be no major variations in the design and the screen will continue to be LCD, but with improvements in contrast ratio and color accuracy. The SoC will be the M2a significant improvement over the current M1.

Apple Pencil

Apple will present the third generation of the Apple Pencil, designed specifically for the iPad Pro OLED. The iOS 17.5 beta already indicates that the device will come with a “squeeze” gesture and support for haptic feedback.

Magic Keyboard

Apple will renew the Magic Keyboard for adapt it to the new dimensions of the iPad Pro and Air models. Additionally, the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro will also come with changes that will make the device more laptop-like. Among them, a new aluminum chassis.