This is the phrase you have to say to avoid spam calls: this way you can stop receiving them and they won't call you again

Spam and fraudulent phone calls have become a global pandemic. A problem that telephone and mobile users from any part of the world go through, and in Spain, despite any change in the law, they do not stop bothering us at any time of the day. A threat almost impossible to eradicate, although there is a possibility: and that is to take the fraud call in question and Answer with a phrase that, almost certainly, will ensure that they do not call you again and avoid these scams forever.

In the third quarter of 2023 alone, 6.55 billion cases of telephone spam were recorded in 39 countries studied, that is, 73 million calls of this type per dayaccording to the Hiya Caller ID Global Telephone Threat Report. Spain and France were the most affected countries in Europe, with high spam rates that reached 42% and 44% respectively.

But in other non-European countries the situation is even worse. Chile (57%), Indonesia (56.5%), Argentina (56%) and Hong Kong (56%) recorded rates of more than 50% of spam or fraudulent calls. On the other hand, the United States “only” registered 22%.

These types of calls usually come from unknown numbers, hidden numbers or spoofed numbers (known as “spoofing”), making it difficult to identify the sender. They tend to be repetitive or intrusive, and are intended to trick you into providing sensitive personal or financial information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, or personally identifiable information.

Avoid spam calls: this is the key phrase to stop receiving them and not have them call you again so as not to suffer from scams and fraudulent techniques

According to experts, there are several measures to take against spam calls, such as avoiding providing personal or financial information, reporting fraudulent calls to your service provider or using spam blocking applications or services on our phone.

The Polish group Genialge, likewise, echoes an effective way to stand up to these unwanted calls, and it is as simple as saying a question and a key phrase at a certain time.

First, we must ask how they got our phone number. To access a pool of telephone numbers to contact, companies are required to comply with data protection regulations and inform who is the administrator of your data. And the answer they will give you to that question is “your number was drawn at random by the computer.” Or what is the same, they have obtained it illegally.

Therefore, we just have to Request that they provide the company's information and, immediately afterwards, announce that you are willing to file a complaint with the corresponding body. However, it can also be a recorded conversation, but in light of this it is advisable to warn that we are recording the call so that it is recorded and then report it.