This is the Patria AMV XP, the autonomous armored vehicle presented in Germany

The European Land Robot Trial (ELROB or European Land Robot Trial) is the most important and longest-running unmanned systems and field robotics event on the continent. This year, the event is taking place in Trier, Germany. At the event, the Finnish company Patria has shown the autonomous capabilities of armored vehicles of Patria 6×6 and Patria AMV XP 8×8 wheels.

Patria AMV XP 8×8 is a next-generation modular and robust wheeled armored vehicle that provides superior firepower, protection and mobility. It is available in two different hull lengths and heights and with amphibious capabilityThis makes the AMV XP 8×8 the ideal platform for a variety of missions and variants, such as infantry fighting vehicle, armoured personnel carrier, command and control, ambulance vehicle, recovery vehicle and 120mm NEMO mortar system.

One of the autonomous Patria 6×6HomelandHomeland

The Patria 6×6, for its part, is a modular, high-performance vehicle which provides protected tactical transport capacity for troops in larger fleets. The Patria 6×6’s modular design allows for a wide variety of mission-specific configurations such as armoured personnel carrier, company command vehicle, medical evacuation vehicle, heavy APC and also includes the Patria Nemo 120mm mortar system.

For the autonomous part, Patria has developed its own system that allows operate vehicles remotelytoyes thereto of an lYovisual line using commercial networks (WLAN, 5G and 4G) or software defined radio systems tto(SDR). This allows the vehicle to be operatedYoeven from longer distances with greater reliability. Patria’s HUGV system also provides the interface for artificial intelligence capabilities such as convoy or waypoint navigation.

Thanks to the combination of communication and artificial intelligence it is possible control multiple vehicles with a single operator and each of them performs different tasks, always remotely.