This is the new Franco-German tank EMBT-ADT 140: turret with 3 cannons and ‘unmatched firepower’

The Paris defense fair Eurosatory It has been the stage chosen by KNDS to present the main battle tank, MBT for its acronym in English, EMBT-ADT 140. It is the first to be equipped with the new 140mm ASCALON cannon, the largest currently available on an MBT and a high-tech weapons system designed to offer unrivaled precision and firepowerwhich is part of a remotely controlled turret and is also equipped with two other secondary cannons. This variety reflects the diversity of threats that modern tanks face, from drones to other tanks.

The E-MBT, acronym in English for European Main Battle Tankis a project of KNDS, a group formed by the French company Nexter and the German Krauss-Maffei WegmannKMW.

Announced in 2018, the E-MBT project aims develop a new generation main battle tank to replace the French Leclerc tanks, developed by Nexter, and the German Leopard 2 tanks from KMW. The E-MBT prototype incorporates a hybrid designusing a modified Leopard 2 chassis and a Leclerc turret, combining technologies and experience from both companies.

The E-MBT is a precursor to Primary Ground Combat SystemMGCS, which is expected to be a more advanced platform designed to meet the future requirements of European armed forces.

The technical characteristics of this fifth generation MBT are remarkable, particularly in terms of its firepower. The turret includes a 140mm smoothbore gun and 48 calibers with an automatic loader that can hold up to 22 projectiles. In addition, it has a 20x102mm coaxial automatic cannon with 300 ready to fire, a Remote Controlled Weapons Station, RCWS for its acronym in English, ARX30 with a 30mm x 113 cannon which has 150 ammunition loaded and ready and a 7.62mm linear machine gun with 200.

Ascalon 140 cannon. Topwar.

The massive main gun, which fires larger and more powerful shells than the global standard 120/125mm, can be replaced by a 120mm one when necessaryaccording to KNDS, an operation that can be carried out in just one hourThe 140mm gun has been tested outside the turret and is scheduled to be tested in 2025 while the tank is on the move.

The tank incorporates a active protection system, APS for its acronym in English, which can shoot down enemy anti-tank missiles, drones, rockets and penetrate standard armor. According to a press release from the company, the tank features sensor fusion, artificial intelligence, cyber and hybrid energy applications.

The EMBT’s 20mm cannon is designed to attack enemy infantry, trucks and other lightly armored targetswhile the 30mm cannon is intended for ground targets. This can be armed with proximity-fuzed projectiles that detonate as soon as the target is within lethal range. The main gun is directed against targets that need the most firepower, what are the tanks like?.

EMBT-ADT 140 at Eurosatory 2024.
EMBT-ADT 140 at Eurosatory 2024.Topwar.

The EMBT-ADT 140 features multiple advanced systems that improve their operational capabilities. Its unmanned turret incorporates a multi-purpose sensor suite, including six APS/Anti-UAS radars, four laser and missile warning sensors, an acoustic gunfire detector and a 360-degree situational awareness system.

To ensure your survival, the EMBT-ADT 140 is equipped with regenerative and modular full armor protection, comprehensive protection against attacks from above and an anti-drone RCWS with a suite of optronic and radar sensors. It employs a distributed APS concept, providing full hemispheric protection and 22 countermeasure launchers.

In terms of mobility, the EMBT-ADT 140 can reach a road speed of approximately 65 km/h, thanks to its 1,100 kW / 1,500 horsepower powertrain. It has a range of over 450 km on the road and a ground clearance of 450 mm, allowing it to maneuver effectively on various terrains.