This is the invention that cools rooms without spending anything to end the summer heat

He air-conditioning becomes an essential ally during the summer for various reasons related to comfort, health and efficiency. Keeps interior spaces at a comfortable temperature providing a refuge from the extreme summer heat. A cool environment is crucial for a good rest as it helps maintain an optimal sleeping temperature.

One of the problems of having the air-conditioning in summer it can continually have several economic impacts, both direct and indirect. Given this problem, it is possible that new solutions may emerge in the future since, according to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology It seems that a glass has been developed capable of cooling rooms and that it even cleans itself every time it rains.

This is the glass capable of cooling rooms

In particular, this material is called Microphotonic Functional Material Based on Polymers (PMMM, for its acronym in English). Its operation allows light to pass through the windows while keeping the room cool and, in addition, it has the ability to self-clean due to its hydrophobic surface. It also ensures a high level of privacy by allowing light to pass through.

This material consists of a very thin layer of a modified metamaterial that can adhere to conventional glass. It has a microscopic structure with a pyramid design of 10 micrometers wide that disperses the 73% of the light it receives. While a conventional glass allows the passage of 91% of light, this material allows a 95%.

How does it work

This material can cool rooms without the need for air-conditioningsince it radiates heat to the outside, achieving a temperature up to 6 degrees lower compared to normal conditions. This provides better temperature control at a lower cost. Currently, the material is still in the research and development phase, although more and more materials and devices capable of cooling homes are being explored.