He surrounded Irene Montero among his electorate for praising her education in the concerted

Irene Montero's campaign team has not properly measured the effect that the praise she dedicates in an electoral video to her passage through the concerted stage in the stages of basic education could have among her electorate further to the left.

With “Irene always says that she is the way she is because she comes from a working family and because of the schools where she studies,” the spot that travels through her life story and presents the most side of the candidate accurately reviews the school years she It happened in two subsidized centers.

The Siglo XXII school in the Moratalaz neighborhood of Madrid and another property of the Hogar del Empleado Foundation (Fuhem) where he attended secondary school.

Regarding the school where he attended kindergarten and primary school, the first, the video explains that “it was set up by a cooperative of mothers and fathers who were committed to project-based education, a way of teaching that encourages children to learn to investigate.”

Regarding what was their second place of training, Montserrat, it is highlighted that it was created by an “independent, non-profit organization” and they praise that “it promotes, through education, social justice, the deepening of democracy and environmental sustainability”.

The skeptical and critical views of intellectual leaders and sympathizers of the left beyond the PSOE have not taken long to emerge in spurts on social networks.

Mainly, because of the negative implications it has for the traditional discourse of the left in favor of the abolition of concerted education.

The historian César Rendueles has shown himself in a tweet impressed by the “implicit diagnosis” that this story entails: “The communication team of a party with a strong leftist identity considers that praising concerted education does not penalize them electorally. The problem is that They're probably right.”

The philosopher Carolina Del Olmo also showed her surprise in a publication. “But, but, what about the concerted school promo moment in Irene Montero's video? Are we crazy?” said the author specialized in the sociology of motherhood.

A succession of reflections that see a “whitening” of the educational model halfway between the private and the public.

Among them, that of the journalist Begoña Gómez Urzaiz, who recalled that “the concerted progress is concerted” and that “if your party is supposedly twice to the left of the psoe, equal to your electorate, you mobilize the defense of public education” .

Another example is found in the education researcher Ani Pérez, who sees in that part of the video “the ideology of the radical middle class, with its elitism, its passion for private schools if they are progressive.”

A slip in the communication strategy of Irene Montero as a candidate for the European Parliament that they have tried to present as the opportunity to compensate her after her departure from the Government and national politics by decision of Sumar and in line with the PSOE.

But also as “the supermarket cashier” who came to occupy a seat in the Council of Ministers, after strong activism in the youth of the PCE and in the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH), her “political school.”

An example, as they claim, that “democracy is that the children of the working class can occupy the positions that were reserved for the children of those who always ruled.”