This is the 5G router scam that the OCU warns about and that seeks to get you to change operators

Scams and scams do not always come from cybercriminals, but also of companies that behave as if they were. An example is the so-called 5G router change scamof which the OCU. This is not a scam that aims to obtain the user's bank details, but simply change operator resorting to tactics that can be described as mafia.

Those who resort to these methods are not usually telephone and Internet operators, but rather other subcontracted companies to get new clients to those and on which, obviously, they do not carry out great quality control.

The scam begins with a call that the victim receives indicating that it is from their telephone company. It informs you that you must change your router for a new 5G model with the excuse that the deployment of 5G technology in their area has left obsolete the one you already have. The 5G router costs between 90 and 170 euros for the user and also entails a permanence of one year. If the offer does not convince, you are informed that the operator will proceed to cut off service.

Up to this point it may seem that you are trying to obtain the bank details or obtain the amount of the router, but you are immediately told that, Due to its age, a special promotion is offered with which everything is rosy again. Changing your router becomes free and a better rate is applied. In reality, they are seeking your agreement to transfer you as a client to another operator.

The scam company does not hide the fact that the service will be provided by another provider, but justifies it because it is a white label than the one you have at the time of the call, an associated company. If the victim does not suspect the deception and irregularity of the procedure and gives his or her consent, The next call you receive will be from the new operator who has recruited you as a client. Probably without having any idea how you have been tricked into becoming part of their user base.

Faced with this type of scam, the OCU reminds that any contractual modification made by the operator must be communicated in writing to the client at least 30 days in advance. That is, in no case can an operator call the client to inform him that they are going to cut off the contracted service if he does not accept certain conditions.

Furthermore, consumers have a right of withdrawal for 14 calendar days which allows them to back out without having to give any explanation, but with limitations. In the case we are talking about, it is only valid until the contract begins to be executed. This happens when The technician arrives at home to perform the installation.