Hernán Cortés for president

Sometimes it is not so easy to find the question you are looking for. There are many contests, prizes to be distributed, projects of any kind to promote, in the social media as mentioned before, and now also in social networks. So one does not remember where the last stimulus received on the specific topic that is currently in the spotlight comes from.

I'm referring to that program that's on television these days about who was the most important Spaniard in history. Being the case that, from such a call, all kinds of characters from our History have appeared on the scene, alongside more or less recent popular heroes. They tell me that the program has not ended yet, and that they are still making proposals here and there, having heard somewhere the comment that the first of the Hispanics, cliometrically speaking, is going to end up being Miguel de Cervantes. Both for his own life, which was a rosary of adventures, and for the excellent figure that he knew how to create with the Ingenious Hidalgo.

However, thinking about it better, or worse, I would not offer that first prize to the author of Don Quixote, because he is already the “Prince of Wits”, and cannot be classified in a list to be chosen almost by universal suffrage.

My proposal, in case it serves the purpose of the call, is simply another; It must be Hernán Cortés, to whom I dedicated a book of mine, with the subtitle “giant of History”, the greatest of conquerors. And since here, in this column of La Razón, there is not much more room to talk about my candidate, I will soon argue in a more detailed way, as I have already announced, in his favor, about someone who for me was a businessman, soldier, captain, strategist, and writer. , statesman, and many other things, such as “maximum defender of the Indians”, after having conquered Tenochtitlán. It will be in my presentation of the eighth edition of the aforementioned work (Erasmus, Grupo Almuzara), when I will properly gloss Hernán Cortes as the most distinguished Spaniard in History.