This is how much the components of Apple's Vision Pro glasses cost

It is not very clear how successful the new virtual and augmented reality glasses are having. Manzana. It was rumored that the VisionPro They had obtained nearly 200,000 reservations before their launch on February 2, but the company has not provided data. Yes, media such as The Verge have echoed that users they were returning them citing, among other reasons, that what it offers does not justify the price of $3,500. Now, in addition to what it costs the buyer, we can know the cost of its components.

According to the global analysis company Omdia, the invoice for all the components is 1,542 dollars / 1,421 euros. It should be noted that this does not mean that Apple's profit margin is the difference with the sales price, given that the product bears more costs in its creation, production and distribution than those corresponding to its pieces.

The most expensive thing about the Vision Pro are the two Micro-OLED screensone for each eye, which is provided by Sony and costs $456, which represents 29.6% of the total amount of the components. The external screenthe one used to show the user's eyes and manufactured by LG, 70$which leads to this section accounting for 35%.

The next most expensive component is silicon. The processors M2launched in 2022 and present in some iPads and Apple computers, along with the new processor R1 amount to $240just over 15% of the total cost of materials.

Vision Pro.Manzana.

The third highest amount on the invoice corresponds to what Omdia classifies as Others and include Wi-Fi, cable, PCB and more unspecified sections. Are 155 dollars10.1%.

The set of camerasfrom Sony and Largan, costs 150$ (9.7%) while the components OEM (original equipment manufacturer) from Luxhare, which also does not specify, assume 130$.

The structure of the Vision Pro sum 120$ more (7.8%), sensors 3D $81 (5.3%), the optical lenses 70$ (4.5%), memory and storage space, 12GB and 512GB respectively, 50$ and the most economical component is the battery, 20 dollars.

The profit that Apple may obtain from the sale of each Vision Pro is unknown. With Apple products it is always assumed to be high, due to their high prices and the income that the company obtains each year. But spatial computing is a new market that Apple wants to develop and your margins may be tighter than with a new iPhonewith which success is practically guaranteed.