CienciaPR launches digital publication that highlights stories of community leaders in Puerto Rico

On the occasion of the Week of the Leader and Community Groups and Community Self-Managementthe non-profit organization Science Puerto Rico (CienciaPR) published the digital book “Science and solidarity: Stories of community leaders in Puerto Rico”which highlights the experiences of 11 citizens who use science to address the needs and priorities of their communities.

“Leaders play a crucial role in putting science at the service of their communities. “These people have a very rich knowledge about the realities, needs and priorities of their people, and that positions them as the most appropriate people to use science to create contextualized solutions”said the doctor Mónica Feliú Mójerdirector of the Public Participation in Science Unit at CienciaPR, in a press release.

“That is why, in the past four years, CienciaPR has strived to establish solid links with leaders, providing them with tools and opportunities to strengthen the solutions already present within their communities,” he emphasized.