This game has gone viral and is hidden in Instagram messages

Google has them, hidden in its search engine and in its Play Store, they are also available in other search engines and even on Spotify. And now it's Instagram's turn to reveal a secret game available in your messages: a kind of Pong that has the ability to become addictive or, as has been recently baptized, “Pingstagram” (mix of Pong and Instagram).

The news has not been published through Meta's official channels, something that undoubtedly responds to a company strategy to “leak” it little by little in the media, but In recent days, dozens of pages have covered the game Instagram secret.

The good thing is that you don't have to download any other application, follow anyone in particular or subscribe to any service. You simply have to go to the messages in the application, open one of them (any one, whether it is in our contacts or not) and select an emoji to send.

This selection is important, since it will be the one we play the game with. Can be a face, a flag, a food or an animal. Once selected we have to send it. When it appears among the sent messages, click on the emoji lightly and the game will open.

This consists of following the emoji that goes bouncing across the screen from the top to the bottom and prevent, with a cursor that we control with our finger, the emoji from “falling.” Every time we prevent it from disappearing at the bottom, we earn a point.


The game is in vertical format and, honestly, it is quite addictive: we get stung very easily by its supposed simplicity. Although the person receiving the emoji does not know that we are playing Pingstagram, it is true that he receives a message, which puts us in the obligation to explain why we are sending an emoji.

This can be a good excuse to pick on whoever receives the message, to see who gets the most points or a reason to send emojis to celebrity accounts that we know will never respond to us… Of course, be careful with what we send.

Pingstagram is available on both iOS and Android devices, you just have to make sure you have the latest version of the app installed and play. Speaking to The Sun, those responsible for Meta assured that “we are always working on ways to make Instagram more fun when connecting with friends, and we have launched a hidden game that can be found in your direct messages.”