Four bodies found in a house in the Historic Center of Toledo

The lifeless bodies of three men and a woman have been found in a house on the Santa Leocadia slope, specifically at number 12, in the historic center of the city of Toledo, as confirmed by sources from the Government Delegation.

Apparently, a friend had not seen these four people since last Friday and she notified Emergency Service 112 around 8:00 p.m. The National Police is currently investigating the origin of the appearance of these four bodies at the home in the capital. regional.

The four lifeless bodies, They seemed to have been there for a while and They have been found in different roomsone of the corpses presents a more advanced state of decomposition than the rest.

Apparently only one of these four people was actually the one who lived in the home whose door was broken down by the firefighters who were the first to enter the scene.

Forensics remove one of the bodies found in a home in ToledoAlejandra P.The reason

Several units of the Police, the forensic doctor and the firefighters have traveled to the home. In addition, dozens of residents of the area have taken to the streets shocked when the news was heard.

The Scientific Police together with the forensic experts are already analyzing the bodies and possible evidence inside the house. At 11:25 p.m. the four bodies were already being removed by the relevant authorities.

According to official sources, the visual inspection will take place in a few hours.