They use AI to turn private chats into songs: this is the fun (and catchy) result

The Generative AI is changing the way we express and communicate in the digital sphere through all types of content and increasingly indistinguishable of human-generated work. The latest and surprising example is being seen in a series of viral videos that make a truly original approach: transform written conversations in messaging apps into catchy and very convincing songs.

These are short videos, around a minute or a minute and a half, that use a wide variety of musical styles ranging from pop and rock to dance music, folklore and even Eurovision, for lack of a better term to define it. From screenshots of a conversation in messaging apps like iMessage, AI adapts the conversation to the musical rhythm and creates both the voicessometimes of an operatic type, others in the aforementioned styles, like the music. He sings the entire conversation, which usually revolves around misunderstandings, and provides humorous situations that are enhanced by the musical transformation.

In the example above, replicated through various social media and which in this publication alone reaches 6 million views, a girl tries to flirt with a classmatewho is not the smartest in the neighborhood, and He is unable to understand her advances when she calls him “daddy” in the conversation. She loses the opportunity, tries to get it back when a friend explains the meaning of the term in that context, gets it back and screws up again in a hilarious final twist.

About half a dozen of these videos can be easily located and, in most cases, they are going viral. Like this one where A girl discovers that her boyfriend hides the names of other flirts under the names of fast food restaurants.

The origin of these videos, although not all, seems to be found in the Plugtexting Instagram account, which corresponds to an artificial intelligence product. Plug AI is a text AI assistantavailable for both iOS and Android, and recommended for use with apps like Tinder, iMessage, Wizz and Hinge. PlugAI analyzes a screenshot of the user's conversation with a contact and suggests the best responses. It is basically an app to appear more ingenious than you really are in what they call “romantic interactions”.

The Instagram account had posts only with examples of conversations, but Since last March this type of musical adaptations of conversations began to upload of chat that have achieved their purpose, increasing brand visibility and providing another pastime in front of the screen.