These are all the areas of Spain where it is going to rain

This week we have forgotten about the summer weather in almost the entire country. A cold storm hIt has left rain in several regions and abnormally low temperatures for this height of May. What will the weather be like this weekend? It will rain? When will the heat return to Spain?

Temperatures will recover over the next few days, although in general they will continue below usual values ​​for the remainder of the week, according to the latest prediction from the spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), Rubén del Campo. In addition, during the weekend they are expected showers and storms in the north and east of the Peninsula, which could extend until Wednesday in some points.

The Aemet prediction: rains are coming

The north of the Peninsula will continue under the influence of low pressures Fridayso it will rain in Galicia and cantabrian communities. The rains will extend in the afternoon to the rest of the northern half of the peninsula in the form of, in many cases, stormy showers which may also affect the downtown area.

That day the thermometers will rise although the atmosphere will still be cool in many areas. In this way, andThe northeast will reach 20ºC, although large areas of the north will not. Yes, 25ºC will be exceeded in a good part of the Mediterranean area and the southern half and Murcia will mark the highest temperature among provincial capitals with 30ºC.

Change of weather on the weekend

He weekend The unstable weather will continue in the north of the Peninsula and that instability will extend to the east. In these areas, expect evolution clouds to grow on Saturday and Sunday from midday and leave showers. Specifically, thes areas most likely to experience showers on Saturday They will be Galicia, Cantabrian, northern Castilla y León, Navarra, La Rioja, Aragón, Catalonia and the north of the Valencian Community.

While, the rains will extend on Sunday also to the east of Castilla y León and to the east of Castilla-La Mancha, without ruling out some showers in the rest of the north and east of the Peninsula and even in the central area. The area with the least probability of rain will be the southwest of the Peninsula.

Temperatures will continue to rise in general, although they will drop in the eastern third of the peninsula, especially on Sunday, due to the greater presence of clouds. So, Except in areas of the northern third, temperatures will exceed 20ºC in almost the entire country and 25ºC in the northeast and southern half. In fact, it will be around 28 to 30ºC in the Guadiana and Guadalquivir valleys. As for the minimum temperatures, they will be cool in much of the interior of the peninsula, remaining below 10ºC. On the coasts and in much of Andalusia, they may be between 11ºC and 15ºC.

The next week It will begin with rain and showers, especially in the northern and eastern thirds of the Peninsula. Of course, they will tend to go down, especially since Wednesday, a day in which rainfall would be more limited to the extreme north. Temperatures will drop on Monday and during the following days they will rise progressively. Starting mid-week,The atmosphere will already be warm in many areas, especially in the southern half. For example, in Seville they could once again exceed 30ºC.