They detect for the first time the presence of a live golden jackal in Spain

Last February 24ththe presence of a Golden Jackal with a phototrapping camera located near the city of Saragossaas stated in the document of the Spanish Society for the Conservation and Study of Mammals (Secem) signed by Adrian Royo-Vicente and Francisco José García.

This specimen, also known such as common golden jackal or eastern golden jackal (Canis aureus)is a species of carnivorous mammal belonging to the family Canidae. It is found in various regions of Africa, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and parts of Europe and Asia.

He golden jackal It has golden or yellow fur, hence its name, although it can vary in shades depending on its habitat. It is an omnivorous animal that feeds mainly on carrion, small mammals, birds, insects, fruits and other foods available in its environment.

This is the second sighting in Spain

The enlistment of Golden Jackal in Saragossa It is the second in Spain, but the first alive. Last year, a dead specimen was found victim of an accident near Victoria.

The video was recorded on the approaches to the Ebro riverin an area with abundant vegetation located in a meander and facing the rise of the river water, Adrian He recovered the cameras so as not to lose them and that was when he noticed the images.

Paco Garciaa biologist specialized in mammals and member of the SECEM, was clear from the first moment that it was a jackal: “The morphology was distinctive. It was not a wolf or a fox. Nor was it a dog. We consulted with other experts and confirmed the identification “.

“We see this as a continuation of what we observed in Álava and what is happening in France,” explains the biologist. “The dispersal ability of this animal is remarkable. It simply starts walking and can cover very large distances, especially at night,” he adds.

Until now, the jackal It is not known how it reached Spain and, although the main theory is that it has dispersed, it cannot be ruled out that it could have come from an illegal release.