Setapp will be the first alternative application store to the App Store that comes to the iPhone

The Digital Markets Law It is forcing large technology companies to make a series of changes to their services that in some cases represent a 180-degree turn on the policies carried out until now. This is what happens, among other companies, to Goal with WhatsAppwhich opens up to interoperability with other messaging applications, and Manzana with the iPhone which must now allow sideloading which he has always refused. That is, users can install applications on their phones that do not come from the App Store. Now we know which is the first alternative app store to the official Apple one that will come to the iPhone: Setappof the company MacPaw.

Setapp is not a newcomer to the Apple ecosystem. It has been available for a long time for Mac computers and, indirectly, also for the iPhone and iPad. It is often called a Netflix app because its business model consists in a monthly fee with which the user can download the paid versions of different appsinstead of purchasing them individually as happens in the App Store.

This indirect method for iPhone and iPad consists of the user The app is downloaded from the App Store and then linked to Setapp through a QR code.

The new app store will arrive on the iPhone in April in beta form which any user can sign up for here. 'This expansion promises a diverse selection of premium applications for users and a supportive environment for developers,' says MacPaw.

The company has not yet revealed what applications Setapp will have, yes the categories: productivity and business tools, creative and design software, lifestyle and productivity, useful applications and specialized professional tools.

Some of the best-known applications in their Mac version are the paid version of the email client Spark either Clean My Mac.

To use Setapp, the user must Download it first through the App Store. MacPaw has not talked about how much the monthly subscription will cost, but we have as a reference the prices of its version for Mac computers that gives access to more than 230 applications. A subscription for an Apple computer costs $9.99 per month, $12.49 if it covers a Mac and four iPhones or iPads and $14.99 monthly for four Macs and four iPhones or iPads.