The WhatsApp scam that steals bank details with just the touch of a button

The popular messaging app WhatsAppproperty of Goalhas more than 35.8 million users monthly assets only in Spain. With the increase in users, the measures that the platform must take to safeguard the privacy and cybersecurity of users are intensifying. This includes protecting accounts from potential security breaches that could expose personal information.

However, all security updates that WhatsApp can implement are ineffective if, in the end, we are the ones who, with a simple click, provide information to cybercriminals. This novel tactic to steal data is related to the Screen sharing feature during video calls in the application.

The new scam to steal banking data on WhatsApp

Cybercriminals resort to this strategy during video calls on the instant messaging application to gain access to user accounts. The process begins with a video call in which the perpetrator claims to face some technical problem.

Hoping that the interlocutor on the video call will trust this supposed solution to the camera problem, the scammer persuades him to press the share screen. The scammer implies that screen sharing will resolve the technical issue, especially targeting those who lack extensive knowledge in this area.

If the user falls into the trap, the scammer will gain access to everything the other person views on their device. This method allows them to send a security code through SMS to the phone under your control. This way, they can intercept it when it reaches the victim and thus take control of their account. WhatsApptransferring it to another device without raising suspicions.