The Archbishopric of Burgos tries to get the Poor Clare nuns to back down and not leave the Church

The Archbishopric of Burgos tries to reverse the situation generated by the community of Poor Clare nuns of Belorado and Orduña (Vizcaya), after his announcement to leave the Catholic Church to pass under the tutelage and jurisdiction of Pablo de Rojas Sánchez-Franco and the so-called Pía Unión Sancti Pauli Apostoli, who are not in communion with Rome and whose founder was excommunicated in 2019.

In the archbishopric they work so that the schism, crime included in the Code of Canon Law and that could end in excommunication, remains an attempt, according to Efe report.

And it is the archbishop himself, Mario Iceta, who is involved in achieving this reversal, although he has not yet managed to speak with the abbess, Sister Isabel de la Trinidad.

The reason for the break between the community of nuns and the Catholic Church is a disagreement over the sale of a convent in Derio (Bizkaia) that the nuns intended to sell to buy the monastery of Orduña, belonging to the Diocese of Vitoria with which they claim to have a purchase and sale agreement.

José Ceacero, who presents himself as a priest, member of the Pious Union Sancti Pauli Apostoli and spokesperson for the Poor Clare nuns of Belorado, has launched criticism on several television programs against the intentions of the “Church of the Council” to “remove convents” from nuns.

Ceacero has stated that one of the nuns who were inside the convent, about 80 years old, has chosen to leave the premises. and move to another unspecified monastery, which has been used as an argument to defend that the nuns are in this place of their own free will and not detained.

“They are intelligent and do not allow themselves to be manipulated,” said the follower of Pablo de Rojas, who referred to the version of events that the nuns plan to offer through videos on their social networks.

From the Archbishopric they also point out that They are not going to open a file of excommunication for the nuns based on the images that a recently created website, supposedly linked to the Poor Clares community and in which since this Monday documents related to their decision have been published, show a mass celebrated by people outside the Catholic Church.

And they claim to have no confirmation that the images were taken in the monastery church, that the residents of Belorado found themselves closed this Monday afternoon when they attended, as usual, the 6:00 p.m. mass, which, if celebrated, was not open to the public.

Nor do they know if all the nuns that make up the community, with a total of sixteen nuns, really support the position announced by the abbess, who signs both the letter and the Catholic manifesto with which her intention to leave the Catholic Church was announced yesterday. and says to do it in the name of all the sisters.

On the website, different from the two official ones of the Monastery of the Poor Clares and the workshop, where they sell the chocolates, bonbons and truffles that have made them famous after their time at Madrid Fusión, both the Catholic manifesto and the letter that accompanies it, and the request for guardianship to Pablo de Rojas.

The excommunicated 'bishop' accepts the nuns into his organization

Meanwhile, Pablo de Rojas Sánchez-Franco, founder of the so-called Pious Union Sancti Pauli Apostoli, has accepted that the community of Poor Clare nuns of Belorado (Burgos) and Orduña (Vizcaya) are under his jurisdiction, as the mother abbess had requested. .

This is clear from two documents that the community of the Monastery of Santa Clara de Belorado has published through the website, created this 2024 and which since this Monday has been collecting the documents that have supported the announcement of the Poor Clares.

On the one hand, the mother abbess requested in a letter dated in Belorado on May 8 to Pablo de Rojas Sánchez-Franco “tutelage of jurisdiction” for herself but also for the sisters of the community, who number a total of sixteen nuns, among them the communities of Belorado and Orduña.

In the letter signed by Sister Isabel de la Trinidad, on behalf of the entire religious community, by which she announced the decision to leave the Catholic Church, Pius XII is recognized as the last valid pontiff and subsequent popes are accused of heresy, postulate that fits with those defended by the Pious Union.

In response to the request, De Rojas Sánchez-Franco, who signs as bishop, founder and maximum rector, has communicated that they accept “with benevolence” that the nuns are under the jurisdiction of the Pía Unión Sancti Pauli Apostoli, after studying the request and having the information they have offered him about the evolution of the abbess and the rest of the sisters